All comic book frames from are CNC machined from either .625" or .75" thick sheets of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This process creates rigid one-piece frames without the seams that can separate or come unglued, commonly found other frames.  

are manufactured
 by professionals using quality materials. They
 are designed and built specifically for displaying comic books. Simple yet functional, beautiful yet durable, we make quality frames at a reasonable

Our Frames,
How They Work
These awesome designed frames are a pieces of art in themselves! Proudly display your favorite set of comic books in these staggered style frames for a truly unique look.  And just like all our frames and displays,  the Triples are also cut from one solid seamless piece of wood and coated with black powder coat. Another very cool feature to the Triple frame is the multiple keyhole slots that allow you to chose which way to  hang your frame!

An integrated "keyhole" slot routed directly into the back 
side of each frame allows for simple and secure hanging 
from any screw, nail or 
picture hook.
  These  has become popular for both private collectors who want to show off their comic book collections anywhere in their home as well as retailers and dealers looking for a great way to advertise and display their books for sale.

Now available in two different sizes!
Loose Comic                           Graded Comic      
        Books                                         Books

The free standing Tri-Fold displays holds twelve comic books, stands nearly five feet tall and spans as much as three feet wide. Each unit has double-action hinges between each of the three panels. The panel hinges allow for many different free standing positions, and easy transportation for use at shows and conventions. And just in case, there are also keyhole slots in the back of each panel should you want to hang this monster on a wall!

Great flexibility coupled with a clean and beautiful design makes this display a piece of furniture that fits in with any home decor, make the Tri-Fold Display a great investment for your treasured comic books.
These insert sets allow you to mount any loose comic book into any Graded Book POD or the Tri-Fold Display. 
Each set contains
  -clear front cover
  -black Backer Board
  -4 mil thick, archival              quality comic book sleeve
Comic Book POD
Chose from two sizes, Silver/Modern or Golden Age to best suit your needs. 

Our 11"x17" Art/Print Frames 
(allowable print size up to 11.375"x17.375") are a very heavy duty and strong frame. We made these to be this way so that you could put your rare and valuable artwork, splash page, cartoon cell, print, poster or whatever fits and know that is protected and safe while on display. They
have two keyhole slots allowing you to hang your artwork either horizontally or vertically. Available in black only, each one comes with a 1/4" thick wood black backer board, a clear front cover and a 4 mil Clear Shield  archive quality protective sleeve.
These peel and stick sheets have a low tack adhesive that leaves no residue when removed, and you can re apply them many times over. Clear Shield Slab Protectors filter out 99% of harmful UV light and are die cut to the perfect size to fit your CGC, PGX or CBCS slabs. We include one of these with every Museum Edition Graded Book POD but if you would like to purchase extras to give all your slabs some added protection we offer them on our Order Page as well. so whether you want to mount your graded comic book in a frame and hang it on a wall or you just want some added UV and scratch protection for your slab, these are a must for all collectors.
Swiveling hold down tabs in the back 
of the frame safely and securely lock your 
slabbed or loose comic book into place
​              Which POD is right for you?

Graded Book POD
Comic Book POD
  Holds loose ungraded comic books
  Chose from Silver/Modern age
    or Golden Age
  Comes with
    -Clear Acrylic Front cover
    -Black back matting

Graded Book POD
  Holds any Standard Sized
 CGC, PGX and now CBCS graded
 comic book.

What we do...
And How We Do It!
The Powder Coat Finish...
 Powder coat on wood, that's right! Specially formulated powder is applied to wood and baked until cured, leaving a  smooth durable finish!
We design all of our own frames ourselves. This gives us the opportunity to produce custom frames for you. Got an idea? Give us a call.
A 4-6 mil thick layer of powder coat wraps each one of our frames adding the perfect final touch, and the Coup De Grace to all other comic book frames on the market.
Museum Edition 
 Upgrade to a Museum Edition POD and protect your book while on display with either a UV filtering Museum quality Acrylic Front Cover or UV resistant Slab Protector.
All of our Graded book POD's will universally hold CGC, CBCS and PGX standard sized slabs!
  -this includes the new style CGC slab as well!
...your Comic Book POD or Triple Comic POD to a Museum Edition and get a 98% UV filtering Museum Grade OP3 Acrylic front cover and get the ultimate in UV protection for your valuable books!
...your Graded Book POD or Triple Graded Book POD to a Museum Edition and get a 98% UV Filtering Clear Shield Slab Protector with your frame. 
FYI... CGC, CBCS and PGX Slabs have very minimal (2-3%) of UV resistance, the same with all toplaoders and any standard comic book sleeve. Just ask the manufacturers, we did!
Clear Acrylic Front Cover and Black Matting Backer
These extra thick frames are made to accommodate your extra thick CGC, CBCS or PGX Slabs. Golden Age, Giant Size, Annual, Some Silver Age, Anniversary Edition, Double Size...     
Ya, We got you covered!
These answers to your thick case dillemma's look just like our standard Graded Book POD with the exception of being made of 1" thick material. Get one on your wall and you will never know the difference! 
With all the new Comic Books hitting the shelves these days with connecting cover art work we just had to start making these for you guys!

The 2Book Connecting Cover POD holds two comic books side by side allowing you to enjoy the awesome artwork the way it was intended. This frame is also perfect for books with Wraparound artwork on the front and back covers and Sketch cover books with wraparound art.

The3Book Connecting Cover POD does just what it says. Three comic books, side by side by side, no separation just an awesome display showing off awesome art!
Giant Size Graded Book POD
Holds Graded Golden Age Books, Giant Size Editions, Annuals etc.
The Inline4 POD is a very popular frame. With a clean straight line look and the ability to remove each book individually without touching the other three it makes it easy to alternate your favorites whenever you want. There are two integrated keyhole slots in the back for safe and secure hanging.

These are available in standard and 99% UV Safe Museum Edition for extra protection.
  -will fit silver/Bronze/Modern Books
The Inline4 Graded Comic Book POD is 
 This frame, just like all of our Graded book frames will hold both old and new CGC slabs as well as CBCS!

-And of course it is available in our 
98% UV Safe Museum Edition