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April 2011

Why Chose Our Frames Over Others on the Market?
One word -QUALITY! 
 Comic book frames and displays from The Collectors Resource are built by professional woodworkers using state of the art CNC routers, so the first frame you order looks and fits just like the 100th. 
 Each frame is cut from a solid sheet of wood so there are no seems, that's right, no glue or nails holding these together. 
 Pre-finish prep work such as radiussed edges and a 3 step sanding process are then performed getting them ready for the most important step of all... the Powder Coat Finish! 

 This is where we set ourselves apart from the competition, every frame we sell gets a heavy duty 4-6 mil thick barrier of powder coat applied. Not only is powder coat durable but it is beautiful as well. It provides a soft smooth finish that is evenly applied over the entire frame. No dry, dull spots, no thin rough edges, just a clean look that simply helps to present and highlight the most important part... 

Please see our products page for even more reasons why you should display your most prized possessions in frames from 
The Collectors Resource.
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The POD's are HERE!
Want to know your getting the highest quality comic book frames and displays on earth!? Buy the POD!

 The perfect size to display your comic books, chose from Silver/Modern age size or Golden Age Size.
Graded Book POD
The perfect solution for displaying  your standard sized CGC, PGX or CBCS graded comic books.
                                                    So what is a POD and what does it mean for you?
With more comic book frames on the market today we want to make it easy for you to know your buying the best so whenever you want to display your graded or ungraded comic books or artwork always buy the POD! 
 You may thank us now...
Triple Comic Book POD
Our legendary staggered 3 book frame just big enough to display your loose ungraded comic books

3 slabbed books, one  unique frame, what else could you ask for!
Comic Book POD
Triple Graded Book POD
Upgrade any POD to a Museum Edition!
Want to display your comic book without the worry of fading or deterioration due to the effects of UV light damage? Now you can give any comic book frame or display the ultimate in UV protection by upgrading your comic book display to a Museum Edition POD!
-While these products help A LOT,
 we still don't recommend hanging 
your books in direct sunlight.
See our Products page 
for more information
 on these frames 
and more.
Looking for a way to display your
Treasury Edition
Ask about our new drop ship program, you advertise and sell the products, we ship it to your customers. No upfront investment for you!
                                      November 2012
Great article from Steve E. owner of
Comic Book Frames!!! The Best Thing To Happen To Comic Books Since CGC
                                        June 2010
Product comparison Article written by a customer (and apparent writer for that goes by Zechs) who purchased our frames and a competitors. Wish we knew who it was so we could thank him!
 sealed and
retail ready
 with UPC.

Our 2Book Connecting Cover POD's will also fit Treasury Edition Books perfectly!
Look them up in "Order Now" page for detailed dimensions to check fitment for your over sized Comic book.
Product Review Article from
August, 2014
Comic Book Frames Product Review
We have specially designed frames to hold 2,3,4,5 and 6 comic books side by side to properly display your comic books with connecting cover artwork! 
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